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11 November 2009 @ 09:22 am

There are no Lead fansub teams....which sucks for foreign Lead fans. Therefore, I will do my best (with my very much non-perfect 3 years of studying Japanese) in an attempt to help out those who want to know more about these pretty/funny guys!

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes but, like I say, I've only been studying Japanese for 3 years, so please forgive me if there are!

Subbed DVDs/ClipsCollapse )
Subbed PVsCollapse )

Akira's Blog Translations
Hiroki's Blog Translations
Lead Summer BlogCollapse )

As for requests...feel free to request things but I can't promise that I'll be good enough to translate everything. If I can't but you don't mind just having the general gist of what's going on then I'll be more than happy to help. (Links to the requested videos would be very appreciated)